How the Internet of Things Helps Deliver the "Right" Customer Experience

B2B marketers are under enormous pressure to get everything right. “Right message, right channel, right time”…sound familiar? With this tattooed on our brains, it’s hard not to see the Internet of Things (IoT) as our golden deliverer. After all, the IoT can improve the reach and timeliness of our marketing messages, leveraging the Internet to broadcast content to a network of connected devices. But viewing the IoT as just another advertising “channel” is short-sighted. Our years as ad-pushers and lead-generating purists have scattered in the wake of pull marketing. Marketers have been flagged as the owners of customer experience; to fully embrace that challenge, we must concentrate on delive

Marketing's "Efficiency" Problem and How Customer Analytics Can Solve It

“Marketing at the speed of the customer” is a clever euphemism. It sounds good, like something you can smoothly engineer, measure and optimize. But if you’re a marketer at an established company, this is what it actually feels like… Your muscles burn like they’re pumping out acid. Sweat trickles into your eyes, breakneck hills cut into the horizon. Doggedly, you push on, hell bent on erasing the gap between you and the distant figure ahead. All too often, we’re eating our buyers’ dust. As much as we want to rocket forward, our marketing inches forward in arthritic lurches. Meanwhile, B2B buyers are superbly nimble in their sprawling digital exploration. What’s preventing enterprise marketers

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